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I was born in 1922 in a small Russian village. My mother was a peasant, my father was a worker, a house-painter. From 1933 onwards I lived and studied in Moscow. In 1939 I finished secondary school and entered the Faculty of Philosophy. In the same year I was expelled from the institute for speaking out against the Stalin cult and was taken to the KGB. By chance I managed to escape. Then I wandered about the country, moving from job to job. Eventually I joined the army. In this way I escaped both the security organs and starvation.
During the war I was a pilot and as such took part in missions raiding targets in the enemy rear. For my record in battle I was decorated and awarded medals.

From 1946 to 1954 I completed my undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the University of Moscow. From 1954 to 1976 I worked at the Academy of Sciences and at the same time I held a professorship at the University.
During those years I published many scientific books and articles. Many of them have been translated into English, German and other languages. I developed my own logical conception which allowed me to solve some important problems, for instance - the problems of the Format's Last Theorem and of the axiom of parallel lines.
On many occasions I have been invited to attend international professional gatherings, but I have not once been allowed out of the Soviet Union.

The 1970s saw the start of a campaign among my colleagues to discredit me as a scholar which ended in the total dissolution of my group, the banning of my works from publication and the prohibition of all references to my works. In 1976 I published in the West the novel The Yawning Heights criticizing the soviet system. Immediately after that I was dismissed from the Academy of Sciences and from the University and deprived of all titles and decorations. In 1978 I was ordered to leave the Soviet Union. I came to Munich with my wife Olga and younger daughter Polina.

Other books published afterwards: The Radiant Future (1978), Before the Gate of Paradise (1979), Notes of the Nightguard{1979}, Without Illusions (1979), The Madhouse (1980), We and the West(1981), Reality of Communism (1981), Homo sovieticus (1982), My Home - my Exile (1982), Neither Freedom, nor Equality, nor Brotherhood (1983), The Wings of our Youth (1983). I was awarded prizes: Prix Européen de l'essai(1977), Eurogon IV. Best European Novel (1978), Prix Medicis Etranger (1978), Prix Tocqueville (1982), Premia Tevere (1992), etc.
Member of the Academy of Sciences of Finland; of the Academy of Sciences of Italy and of the Academy of Arts of Bavaria, Munich; of several Russian Academies.