Alexander Zinoviev - Moscow conference 2008 - Alexandre Zinoviev - Alexander Sinowjew

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The 2nd International Zinoviev readings
at Moscow State University

6 and 7 November 2008 at the Faculty of Philosophy


Dr. Ernst-Jörg von Studnitz
Chairman of the German- Russian Forum
former German Ambassador to Russia

Prof. Dr. Philip Hanson
Professor of the Political Economy of Russia and Eastern Europe at University of Birmingham
Retired Emeritus Professor of CREES

Prof. Dr. Wilfried Bottke
President of Augsburg University

Prof. Dr. Michael Kirkwood
Former head of University of Glasgow's Chair of Slavonic Languages and Literatures
Emeritus Professor University of Glasgow

Fabrice Fassio
French college Burkina Faso

Dimitri de Kochko
Journalist and film director
Head of France-Oural, AFP, chairman of Russophones Union of France

Russian Academy of Sciences
Head of Institute of Philosophy at RAS
Former head of Moscow Lomonosov State University’s Department of Ethics

Russian Academy of Sciences


Read excerpts from books
About A.Zinoviev
  • Introduction - by P.Hanson, M.Kirkwood
  • Ideology in the Works of A.Zinoviev - by Michael Kirkwood
  • Alexander Zinoviev's Theory of the Soviet Man - by L.Brom