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I was born in 1922 in a small Russian village. My mother was a peasant, my father was a worker, a house-painter. From 1933 onwards I lived and studied in Moscow. In 1939 I finished secondary school and entered the Faculty of Philosophy. In the same year I was expelled from the institute for speaking out against the Stalin cult and was taken to the KGB. By chance I managed to escape. Then I wandered about the country, moving from job to job. Eventually I joined the army. In this way I escaped both the security organs and starvation.

During the war I was a pilot and as such took part in missions raiding targets in the enemy rear. For my record in battle I was decorated and awarded medals.
From 1946 to 1954 I completed my undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the University of Moscow.
From 1954 to 1976 I worked at the Academy of Sciences and at the same time I held a professorship at the University.
During those years I published many scientific books and articles. Many of them have been translated into English, German and other languages. I developed my own logical conception which allowed me to solve some important problems, for instance - the problems of the Format's Last Theorem and of the axiom of parallel lines.
On many occasions I have been invited to attend international professional gatherings, but I have not once been allowed out of the Soviet Union.

The 1970s saw the start of a campaign among my colleagues to discredit me as a scholar which ended in the total dissolution of my group, the banning of my works from publication and the prohibition of all references to my works. In 1976 I published in the West the novel The Yawning Heights criticizing the soviet system. Immediately after that I was dismissed from the Academy of Sciences and from the University and deprived of all titles and decorations. In 1978 I was ordered to leave the Soviet Union. I came to Munich with my wife and younger daughter.

Other books published afterwards: The Radiant Future (1978), Before the Gate of the Paradise (1979), Notes of the Nightguard{1979}, Without Illusions (1979), The Yellow House (1980), We and the West(1981), Reality of Communism (1981), Homo sovieticus (1982), My Home - my Exile (1982), Neither Freedom, nor Equality, nor Brotherhood (1983), The Wings of our Youth (1983).

I was awarded prizes: Prix Europйen del'essai(1977), Eurogon IV. Best European Novel (1978), Prix Medicis Etranger (1978), Prix Tocqueville (1982).
Member of the Academy of Sciences of Finnland, of the Academy of Sciences of Italy and of the Academy of Arts of Bayern, Munich.